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Computers Are Part of Every Occupational Field
A high school courses are intended to help prepare teens for their next stage in life. Enrolling in a computer class  in general makes sense- given that the current labor market statistics and outlook illustrates that computer and information technology jobs have the fastest average projected growth rate of any occupation. Most jobs today involve some type of basic computer skills because of the reliance on technology to make work more efficient and error-free. Fast food workers use computerized registers, doctors use electronic systems to maintain patient health history, and even small lawn care business have a website or social media page to engage customers. In order for high school students to be prepared for these and other jobs when they graduate, they'll first need to learn basic computer skills.

Incorporates Other Important Skills

Computer literacy involves logic, problem solving, and creativity. Teens who take computer classes learn to both use and create technology. Classes might include using specific programs such as MSWord, which also incorporates learning about proper documentation, spelling, grammar, and professionalism. Jobs requiring analytical, critical thinking and computer skills are among the highest growing types of jobs because all these skills are interrelated and coveted.



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