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Intro. to Business

Why High School Business Education Courses Matter
Before students join the world of work, they’ll need the important basics which can be provided in an introductory course in business.  The experiences and content from this course can not only impact student's future courses, but also their careers. Introductory high school business curriculum is where a real interest in business can start and turn into a passion for a fulfilling career. Students will get a taste of all sorts of career options available in this pathway and likely determine their next step from there.


The curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for students to advance their understanding of the field of business through education, knowledge creation, and the brokering of new and empowering connections. Courses are structured so that students may become innovative, principled and insightful leaders that possess both a local and global perspective. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge both in and out of the classroom, through multiple independent and group projects, community-based projects and presentations, quizzes, and tests.