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You & the Law

Why Study Law?

Career Opportunities: There are a wide range of career opportunities in a myriad of fields.  Taking this course is the step in the right direction to prepare you for a career in business, media, the arts, science, education, engineering and government.  But there is far more to studying law than just considering career opportunities.

Understanding levers of power in society: Studying law develops one’s understanding of the levers of power in our society. This is because law is directly concerned with power and reaches into every part of life. For that very reason law is extraordinarily important to the way of life of any people.

Making a difference through law reform: Studying law allows a person who has a strong sense of justice to see where there are defects in the system and to work constructively and effectively to change it. In this sense, studying law offers the idealistic person a realistic way to make a difference in the world. 

An intellectual challenge: Studying law offers a wonderful intellectual challenge in that it develops the ability to argue from a basis of evidence in a way, which can be very hard to counter. Studying law will equip you with intellectual skills, which will give you a decisive advantage in whichever profession you choose.


Competency 5.1- Examine the foundation of United States law.
Competency 5.2- Explore laws in a global marketplace.
Competency 5.3- Describe how businesses use the litigation process.
Competency 5.4- Describe the function of a contract.
Competency 5.5- Explain the concept of torts.
Competency 5.6- Describe sales and lease agreements.
Competency 5.7- Explore the regulatory environment of U.S. businesses.
Competency 5.8- Describe consumers’ rights and responsibilities.
Competency 5.10- Discuss property and the available means to protect it.

Students are expected to adhere to both school and classroom policies for both behavior and knowledge development.

The curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for students to advance their understanding of the field of business through education, knowledge creation, and the brokering of new and empowering connections. Courses are structured to create ideas that deepen and advance students’ understanding of business so that they may become innovative, principled and insightful leaders that possess both a local and global perspective. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge both in and out of the classroom, through multiple independent and group projects, community-based projects and presentations, quizzes and tests.