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Welcome to TC Biology!


Parents as Educators


You are your child's first and most important teacher, and even though your student is a high schooler on the brink of adulthood, your expertise as teacher at home is still needed. To help your student achieve their maximum success in  Biology, your support and guidance at home is critical.

  • Ask your student what they learned in class today. Starting a conversation about what they learned in class is often the best indicator of what's going on at school!
  • Encourage your student to study and keep up with the reading.
  • Encourage your student to attend tutorials if you see that they are struggling with a concept or assignment.
  • Monitor your student's grades on assignments by checking Progress Book.  Be sure that the email address registered with the system is current so that you can receive notifications regarding your student's grades.
  • Encourage your student to keep track of their grades in.  
  • Encourage your student to communicate with their teacher about grades, tutorials or questions they have about class materials or course content.  This will help them learn to advocate for themselves, especially when they are having to do this with a college professor!
  • Open a line of communication with your student and with your student's teacher. The best (and preferred) way to reach me is via email, as I check it frequently during the school day and can get you a rapid reply.
  • Encourage your student to get an adequate amount of sleep each night...this is crucial to their success not just in this class but in ALL their classes! A well-rested student is a happier, better prepared student!
  • Encourage your student to form study groups with other kids in their class.
  • Provide your student an environment conducive to study at home.
  • Ensure your student attends class each day.  Good attendance is critical to academic success.
  • Encourage your student to come in and complete makeup work in a timely manner when they are absent.
  • Make sure your student has this site bookmarked so they have ready access to it while studying.



    If you have questions about your child's progress, or want to know more about a particular unit of study or have any other concerns, please feel free to send me an email.


    I hope that your student's experience in my class is a positive one!